Deluxe - Charge & Sync USB Cable, 25cm, Lightning, Black Leather


YZSY® Deluxe Micro-USB to USB Sync-/ Charging Cable| High quality data cable iPhone cable | Quick Charging Cable Lightning cable for Apple devices in a unique design | Length: 0,25 m (Black Leather)

    •    UNIQUE DESIGN: This cable is characterized by a high-quality and pleasant surface. In each of the 6 available designs, this lightning-cable is an absolute eye-catcher!

    •    AVAILABLE IN TWO LENGTHS: All YZSY® Deluxe charging and synchronization cables are available in lengths of 25 cm or 100 cm. The cable length in this offer is 25 cm.

    •    PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: The cable is suitable for charging and synchronizing the latest Apple devices with Lightning port on your PC or Mac. It is compatible with all Apple devices that have an 8-pin lightning port, such as: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPad Pro, iPod touch (5th / 6th generation), iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad mini (1st / 3rd / 4th Gen.), iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air (1st Gen.), iPad (4th Gen.), iPhone 5 , IPhone 5c / 5s, iPod nano (7th Gen.)

    •    ROBUST ANDROID CABLE FOR ETERNITY: The aluminum plug in connection ensures a long life and guarantees a perfect connection. The cable was able to withstand over 5,000 (!) bends in the test.

    •    NO CABLE CLUTTER: Included is a cable tie made of GENUINE LEATHER with push button for winding the cable, so that the cable can be easily stowed away while travelling.

YZSY® Deluxe LIGHTNING to USB Sync / Charging Cable - Charging & Data Transfer with High-Speed

The YZSY® Deluxe micro-USB to USB sync / charging cable is a charge and Synchronization cable for Apple devices.
It connects an iPhone, iPad or iPod with Lightning port via the USB connector to a charger or a PC / Mac for charging or synchronizing (for example, music, photos, or phone book entries).

Port A Quantity: 1 x
Port B Quantity:  1 x
Port A:                  USB connector
Port B:                   Micro-USB connector