Comodus - Medical RF Mouse - brown


YZSY® COMODUS 2.4G Wireless Mouse | ergonomic medical wireless mouse for Windows, Mac OS, USB, 6 keys, 10m range, 800-1200-1600dpi

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    •    ERGONOMIC: The YZSY® COMODUS wireless mouse is ergonomically formed and puts the hand in an upright position. The thumb lies in the recess and the hand is relaxed on the mouse. COMODUS also has an anti-slip surface.

    •    MEDICALLY RECOMMENDABLE: The 5 programmable keys and the scroll wheel are easy to access. The result is a relaxed position of the hand and forearm. The lower arm is being relieved in such a way that it prevents the generally known tennis elbow.

    •    PRECISE: COMODUS has a sensitivity in comparison to other conventional laser mice and offers precise control on almost any surface through the optical sensor. The sampling rate can be chosen freely (800-1200-1600dpi).

    •    UNDERWAY:  The nano RF receiver can be connected with the USB port of the PC and can be put on the bottom side whilst travelling. No annoying cable through wireless connection.

    •    PRACTICAL: The forth and back keys offer remarkable comfort in an optimal way whilst surfing the internet. Ideal for surfers and people who work at the PC for long periods of time.

    •    IMPECCABLE COMPATIBILITY: COMODUS is compatible with iOS and Windows PCs

YZSY® COMODUS 2.4G Wireless Mouse / Ergonomic form prevents pain in the and forearm - promotes comfort!

Through its vertical orientation, the wireless mouse puts the arm in a neutral, non-twisted position. The result is comfortable and preserving working with a PC or notebook.

Product summary:
-    COMODUS / ergonomic 2.4G wireless mouse
-    especially gentle on the arm to prevent mouse arm/tennis arm (RSI syndrome)
-    precise working through free choice of sampling rate (800-1200-1600dpi) on almost any surface
-    5 keys & scroll wheel / left & right mouse button / forth and back key
-    ideal for at home and whilst travelling, even through longer use on laptop/PC
-    energy saving mode preserves the batteries that are included

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Shipment: COMODUS wireless mouse, nano receiver, 2x type AAA battery, instructions
Weight:  181 g
Measurements:   9,2 x 7,4 x 12,2 cm